ENGL 320 Sonic Studies

Welcome to ENGL 320 Sonic Studies

This course challenges students to think through issues of culture, ideology, race, class, and gender through the lens of sonic studies. Students will be introduced to histories of sound reproduction, emerging sound technologies, music, and the presence of sound in various forms of media. In conjunction with covering a diverse array of current scholarship, this course will explore the intersection between communication, culture, and technology. More specifically, students will have the opportunity to build competencies in sound aesthetics as a historical and political object of inquiry and, most importantly, put those competencies into practice. Students will collect, create, and analyze sound in addition to images and texts.


  1. Acculturate students to the field of sonic studies and its attendant discourses.
  2. Provide students with opportunities to engage various editing tools for digital composition.
  3. Investigate important intellectual and political questions through sound.


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