Unit Eight: Presenting Yourself

The e-portfolio project, the last assignment for this course, will comprise a selection of your very best work. The objectives of the e-portfolio assignment include:

  • to reflect on the work you have done this year, assessing the merits and themes of your inquiries.
  • to learn–and put into practice–the difference between revision and proofreading or editing
  • to use rhetorical skills, once again, to design and present that work to a broad online audience that might include faculty members and administrators, admission boards, future employers, friends, and relatives.
  • to reflect on the rhetorical dimensions of such broad self-presentation and to make design decisions accordingly

For this assignment, you will want to pay attention to design and arrangement issues, and revisit earlier assignments based on feedback you received as well as things you have learned subsequent to that point in the semester. Revision ought to take into account approaches to writing style you have learned during the semester as well.

In preparation for this capstone assignment, the last few class meetings will be spent arranging your portfolio and writing reflective, introductory, and biographical prose (or poetry, perhaps!)

To submit your e-portfolio, please place a one-page letter in the appropriate ANGEL drop box that explains the purpose(s) of your e-portfolio and includes your e-portfolio URL. Also, this letter should name the primary and secondary audiences for your e-portfolio and discuss how the style and content of the e-portfolio was adapted to those audiences.

Letters with e-portfolio URLS are due in an ANGEL dropbox.

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